Jaren Johnson, Owner/President

Jaren Johnson is the owner and president of Guidance Homes. Jaren embarked on his career in the custom home building business in his early 20’s and started working as a job supervisor for his father’s custom home building company. Jaren later thought it would be beneficial to study and learn real estate and practice as a licensed real estate agent while he was assisting his father. Now Jaren and his father Jim have partnered together to make one of the strongest custom home building teams in the North East Metro and surrounding area.

“Striving to hold ourselves and all who work with us to higher standards…blending design and practicality, cost and creativity, while building dreams.”

Our Guidance Steps

1. Building Consultation

First we listen. The initial meeting is a time for you and a Guidance Homes representative to go over your wants and needs. Next, we will help you understand your options, as well as gather information and share some suggestions on locations, sites available, floor plans, and general pricing.

2. Proposal Meeting

Based on the Building Consultation, this meeting is to review the proposed package which includes a house plan, home site, location, and initial price.

3. Purchase Agreement

Once you and Guidance Homes have generally agreed upon a house plan, location, and base price, the next step is to write the offer to purchase. A builder deposit will be required to finalize this agreement.

4. Site Plan Meeting

During the site plan meeting, you will be meeting our project manager. This meeting’s purpose is to determine house placement, and go over any other details regarding the excavation and digging.

5. Selections Meeting

We will set-up a selection meeting for you to decide on such things as appliances, bath, and kitchen fixtures, phone and TV wire locations, flooring, cabinets, counter-tops, exterior options, shingles, and any special requisitions you may have.

6. Final Check Meeting

Before the actual excavation of your home site begins, you and a Guidance Homes representative will review the final blue print, a building schedule, and conduct a lot/home-site review.

7. Walk-Throughs

The walk-through will be scheduled for the mechanical subs at your home-site to ensure such things as electrical outlets and plumbing are located and installed to our specifications and as agreed upon.

8. Home Orientation and Final Walk-Through

99% of your Guidance Home has now been completed! Your Guidance Home representative will take you through a final walk- through of your home. We will also review any routine maintenance as well as answer any questions.

9. Closing

The final process of completing your Guidance Home. We will meet with your lender and a title company to sign all necessary documents to finalize the loan transaction of your new home.

10. Move-In

100% of your Guidance Home has now been completed! Congratulations on your new Guidance Home! We thank you for placing your trust in Guidance Homes to build your new home.